Threads in the street #1

kr50,00 - kr249,00

  • Image of Threads in the street #1
  • Image of Threads in the street #1

This image is made from freestitch embroidery, sewn on water soluble fabric that disappears in water and leaves you with only the threads, but this is a print.

The original work are framed between transparent glass and I've played with two different backgrounds for these print versions.

With one of them we made a photo of the work placed on top of wood. The other, I made with a graphic street background.

Each portrait has a QR code as an earring, who you can scan and listen to. It danish though.
This sound file is a danish poetry slam by Sara Hauge who is the winner of danish poetry slam competition 2014.

This picture belongs to my series by the name of "Disappear". We'll all disappear one day and these pictures will each touch that matter - one way or the other.

The picture is sold without frame and you can choose between the "street version" or "wood version".