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  • Image of Faldet
  • Image of Faldet
  • Image of Faldet
  • Image of Faldet

I created this piece for the special exhibition at Horsens State Prison about Peter Adler Alberti. P.A. Alberti was Denmark's Minister of Justice between 1901-1908, during which he turned himself in for embezzlement. As I delved into Alberti's story, it proved to be both captivating and fascinating, and it is with this perspective that I have created my work.
He was a powerful figure, often referred to as the ‘double-person’ Alberti, and the staggering amount he stole from the state treasury is a source of both contempt and fascination. In today's currency, it equates to sums as large as the expenses for the Great Belt Bridge. Amounts that he later invested in Danish racehorses, the national lottery, and South African gold mines.
Overall, the aim has been to symbolize being trapped. Not only in the literal sense of being in prison, but also trapped by desire for power, greed, and nepotism, and the transformation P.A. Alberti experienced going from grandeur to downfall.
The image is created as a sewn collage of materials and cutouts revolving around accumulation of wealth. Alberti wore many powerful hats in Danish business life, and I have attempted to visualize these: Excerpts from the front page of the newspaper Dannebrog (which Alberti founded), poetic statements as a reference to his time as a Supreme Court lawyer and fragments of postcards from "Den Sjællandske Bondestands Sparekasse," of which Alberti was the chairman. I have woven parts of a letter that Alberti wrote from his isolation cell in Vridsløselille prison, where his was bedridden with sickness into the collage. Additionally, the work is created from old banknotes, record covers, as well as text and images from the world of literature.

Please do come and visit the exhibition - it will run at the Rotary Art Fair from November 4th to 5th 2023, Horsens statsfængsel.

Note.: this is a giclee print and the horses are hand painted with 24ct genuine gold leaf in the size: 30x40, 50x70 and 70x100. All limited editions, signed and numbered.

The original is also for sale. See picture 3 and 4. Please send me an email if you are interested.: [email protected]

For US customers, please contact
Christina Hiltscher
Owner & Founder of Unchained. Art Contemporary Gallery, Austin Texas.
Mail: [email protected]

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